The Technology

Technology in the world of The LightcapCover

Mind Drive (dome)
Tech originally devised by Dr. Pavel Troyka and the Brain Sync R&D department. Allows the wearer (“domer”) to control electronic devices with a thought input. Requires minimal training to master, thanks to advanced context-aware AI that ensures only intended commands activate the device. Output is achieved through bone induction via the upper jawbone and through wireless video transmission protocols to nearby vidscreens and notetabs. V5 is the version that is sold on shelves. Adam Redmon and his team are tasked with readying the next version, v6, for release.

A folding device with dual touch screens. When folded the device fits in one hand, but after opening and locking the screen together it resembles a larger tablet, and typically requires both hands to hold.

Metamesh (mesh)
A pervasive mesh network that invisibly blankets the entire Metra Region and much of the rest of the Four Regions area. Mesh-enabled devices contain a radio that allows two-way communication over great distances. Due to the ubiquity and speed of wireless mesh communication, hardwired connections are almost completely phased out.

CENTRAL (Central Entrance/Exit Node Traffic Routing Algorithm and Liaison)
Security software that routes mesh packets through a centralized traffic authority, typically one’s employer. Written by a group of developers led by Rahdej Singh, CENTRAL protocols were instrumental in reducing illicit mesh activity.

High-output infrared LED necklace that obfuscates the wearer from observation via camera. Illegal, but so small and widely used that the authorities have mostly given up trying to enforce the prohibition.

Advertising zeppelins (ad zeps)
Anachronistically referred to as zeppelins, these floating billboards consist of three layers: a ringed top row of high-yield solar panels developed by Ensyn Energy, a quad rotor mid-section that keeps the rig aloft, and three vidscreens at the bottom for displaying ads and important news bulletins.

Lightcap (cap)
A new Adaptech product that builds on the Mind Drive v5 technology and incorporates additional features. The full extent of the Lightcap’s capability is not currently known.


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