The Lightcap by Dan Marshall

A megacorporation forces a group of naïve programmers to test a mind-scrambling device. What could go wrong?
Adaptech made its fortune with the Mind Drive, a product enabling control of electronic devices through thought. Most citizens in the Region adopted the technology quickly, welcoming it as a more efficient way to interact with everything from computers to coffee machines. Now Adaptech wants to use its own employees to beta test a new product, an extension of Mind Drive tech known as the Lightcap.

After Adam Redmon is promoted to lead the group of programmers tasked with testing this new device, his strange dreams begin to blur into reality. When a member of his team abruptly disappears, Adam uncovers evidence showing his employers didn’t fully disclose the Lightcap’s functions and side effects. What he learns puts him directly in the crosshairs of the most powerful people in the Region, people who will stop at nothing to keep their secret safe.


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“The Lightcap promises to make our lives easier and better, but the old adage applies: a computer is only as good as its programmer. A great story well told.”  — Robert Peate, author of SISYPHUS SHRUGGED

“Reflective of what you could imagine as an extrapolation of current times, with nicely original takes on things. The Lightcap is a captivating dystopia novel.”  — William Hertling, author of THE SINGULARITY SERIES

The Lightcap is equal parts detective novel and sci-fi thriller, in the vein of William Gibson. Intricate world building is interspersed with action.”  — Jason Rizos, author of SUPERCENTER

“Marshall does a riveting job with extrapolating the scary and annoying aspects of today into an all-too-plausible and alarming tomorrow.”  — William Van Winkle, author, as reviewed on Sci-Guys Podcast

“Seriously impressive . . . One of those books you lose sleep over.”  — Amazon 5-star review

“I couldn’t bring myself to put it down and stayed up all last night reading it.”  — Amazon 5-star review

“As soon as I was about halfway through this book, I read the second half in one sitting, I was so drawn in! It was a wonderful read.”  — Amazon 5-star review


Dan Marshall is a novelist in Portland, OR. Originally from Columbus, OH, he also lived in Pittsburgh, PA and Sarasota, FL before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2011. After years of working in a cubicle, he now focuses on writing and other creative pursuits. For more information, visit


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